Our Mission

This is Drift Queens! Drift Queens is a art based collection of 7,500 anime girls who love to drift! Our goal with this project is to spread positivity! We want to use our platform to make a safe place for people to interact with each other and talk to others about different topics about certain things that they like. We also want to provide any help with any nft people and just help people be happy.


7,500 unique digital Drift Queens trying to blend with the normies on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Project Size / NFTs


Mint Date / April

Road Map

Meet The Team

Happy Panda
Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

0.15 ETH for regular, 0.08 ETH for whitelisted minters

7,500 Drift Queens will be available to mint.

We will choose a specific time every Sunday morning at a specific block and the people holding at that block will be in the lotteries.

We will choose a service to implement all of the addresses and record a video of the addresses that won specific lotteries

We will be giving away Ethereum, other NFT popular projects, luxury items, and perhaps even cars.

These giveaways will occur on a weekly basis.